It's a Potato Fiesta!

There’s nothing like getting together with family and friends for an outdoor barbecue, and potato salad is always a crowd favorite. I’ve been to many a gathering where there might be half a dozen different kinds of potato salad on the table, because every family seems to have a special recipe handed down from one generation to the next. I always enjoy getting a spoonful of each salad and tasting the many different ways that the simple potato can be dressed up into something new and delicious. I’m exploring four different potato salad recipes as Labor Day approaches, including my classic Sweet and Gold Potato Salad — on the menu at Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen in Brooklyn, New York — and a Mexican Baked “Potato” Salad which actually incorporates yuca, a potato alternative commonly used in Latin-American cuisine. Get your potato peelers out and let’s get cooking!

Pickled Potato Salad Sweet and Gold Potato Salad

Farmers Market Potato Salad Mexican Baked “Potato” Salad

Fiesta Dinnerware provided by Homer Laughlin China Company.

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