Crayon Pumpkin

At first glance, Mr. Spiky here may look like an old science fair project, but he's really a super cute way to offer a non-food treat for Halloween. This project is fast, simple, and fun!

You'll need:

6-inch styrofoam ball (or any size you prefer)

Orange craft paint & a paint brush


An unsharpened pencil

Some green felt, ribbon, or other fabric

First, take the styrofoam ball and slice a little bit off the bottom to give it a flat and stable surface. Then brush it all over with the orange craft paint and let it dry.

Starting at the top of the ball, use the pencil to create a pattern of holes around the ball, up to 2 inches deep (you can mark the depth on the outside of the pencil). Push the flat end of the crayons into each hole, until all the holes are filled. Take a two-inch wide strip of felt, fabric, or ribbon, about 8 inches long, and roll it into a cylinder to mimic the pumpkin's stem and tuck it onto the top of the ball; the surrounding crayons should hold it still, but you can also add a straight pin to make sure it won't fall off.

Kids can pull the colors of their choice right out of the pumpkin or you can also have some crayons bundled with ribbon on the side.

Looking for an all-natural, allergy-free edible treat? Try my Natural "Candy Corn" Cookie!

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