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Spicy S'mores

homemade smores cookies on a reindeer plate

With holiday entertaining on my mind, I like to stock up on pantry items that I can quickly turn into a tasty treat for my guests. is one place that curates some great "indie-gredients" that I love, showcasing quality artisanal products. Here's what happened when I got my hands on Olive & Sinclair's Salt & Pepper Chocolate Bar (a favorite of mine from my hometown of Nashville) and Bunches & Bunches Gingersnap Cookies: Spicy S'mores. The method is a snap (yes, I went there) — just toast up a marshmallow and sandwich it between two gingersnaps with a piece of that peppery chocolate. The result is divinely spicy, and a perfect way to warm up on a winter evening!

#TwoWaysTuesday Tip: If you like gingersnaps, you might want to try making my Fresh Citrus Tart with a Gingersnap Crust!

Check out some other ways that I'm using the great products from here!

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