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Impromptu Holiday Party

Impromptu holiday party spread - crackers, lettuce, drinks

Stocking your pantry well can make all the difference when friends drop by during the holidays or when you suddenly decide to throw a get-together. I recently picked up some great items for my own pantry from, which showcases quality artisanal foods, and I can easily turn them into tasty bites for an impromptu holiday party.

To make these quick snacks, I used Hot Bread Kitchen Lavash Crackers, topped with a spoonful of tuna salad and shaved celery, and piped some softened herbed goat cheese into Belgian endive leaves, which were then sprinkled with Bad Seed Chili Granola. All that's left is to add some olives for a flavorful tray of savory treats. Bittermilk Smoky Whiskey Sour Cocktail Syrup makes a tangy mocktail when mixed with cooled Earl Grey tea and a splash of sparkling water (and, of course, you can use it with whiskey for a quick cocktail, too!) — we garnished ours with a slice of orange studded with cloves for some extra holiday flair.

Cookies are another great way to add a simple holiday touch to any gathering — check out these other products that I used for Spicy S'mores, along with other ways to bring some Cookie Magic to your parties!

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